Beppe Loda or Crazy Finger for the insiders, is 60 years old and he’s a province common man. During the week he wears the clothes of a busy worker, serious, quiet. During the weekend, he transforms his and thousands of other people life.

Betwenn Switzerland and Italy, precisely in Chiasso, lives the man that in the 80’s has generated new forms of musical perception, and helped the racial integration in northern Italy. Fallen in silence for long decades, in 2005 two Americans gave back voice and sounds to the largest Italian and worldwide musical blunder.

Year: 2015
Genre: Documentario
Production: 8 Production
Director: Tiziano Russo
Script: Tiziano Russo, Elita Montini
Dop: Vito Frangione
Video Editor: Andrea Facchini
Cast: Beppe Loda, Jeremy Campbell, Tony Esposito, John Vignola
Countries: Italia/Stati Uniti/Germania/Svizzera