Eight paintings narrates the preparation of a young girl for the first day of school. The real footage of the father to the director in ’55, reworked in an inusual dimension, timeless and fairy-like.

Year: 2016
Genre: Cortometraggio – Video Arte
Production: 8 Production
Produced by: Paola Gandolfi, Patrizia Bayliss-Smith, Laura Catalano

Director: Paola Gandolfi
Editor and Visual Effect: Marco Salvatori
Viola: Sylvia Mayinger
Sound Editor: Matteo Lugara
Sound Recorder: Ermanno Ghisio-Erba
Mix: Stefano Di Fiore

The original footage was filmed with a Pathè 9 1/2 camera from Giovanni Gandolfi in 1955.

Lenght: 6′